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In case you missed it… Alpine Psychometrician Co-Presenting ICE Academy Webinar – September 2019

We’re excited to announce Alpine Psychometrician, Dr. Tracey Hembry, Ph.D., is joining ICE as co-presenter, alongside Mamiko Ouazzani, The IIA, for their upcoming ICE Academy Webinar, “Program Audits: Why you WANT to be Audited… ” to be held on Tuesday, September 24, from 12:00 PM -1:00 PM ET.

Learn the details of a program audit, including what it entails, the resources involved, and the benefits to a certification program. For each topic, an auditor (Dr. Hembry) and auditee (Ms. Ouazzani) will each share their perspective. Dr. Hembry will provide expertise and advice regarding the psychometric aspects of an audit as someone who has provided this service for various programs. In contrast, Ms. Ouazzani will share her thoughts as a program representative who has had certification programs audited. To view more information or register please visit: