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2023 NCME Annual Meeting

April 12-15, 2023
Chicago, IL

We are proud to sponsor and attend the National Council for Measurement in Education (NCME) Annual Meeting and look forward to seeing you there!

Be sure to join us for this session:

Advancing Perspectives on Practice Analysis for Credentialing Examinations

  • Furter, R., Kaliski, P., Dwyer, A., Muenzen, R., Peabody, M. 
  • Foley, Brett (Alpine Testing Solutions)

The theme for the 2023 NCME conference is Leveraging Measurement for Better Decisions.

We do measurement for a reason, and we believe that reason is to collect data to inform decisions. Decisions that consider data from good measurement practices are better decisions than those that do not. Many aspects of measurement are under attack right now. Some criticisms seem justified; some do not. We do need to improve our processes and tools. But we also need to be advocates for the appropriate use and application of the tools of our profession. We can make using measurement and assessment data ‘cool’ again. And we should. How can we do this? By making improvements in our processes and products, by communicating more effectively how data can be a force for good, by ensuring our use of data is a force for good, by being more collaborative both within and outside NCME, and by continuing to challenge, prod, encourage, question and listen to each other.

To learn more about the NCME Annual Meeting, please click here.