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2021 ABNS Conference

October 7-9, 2021
Hybrid Event: In-Person & Virtual

Alpine Session: Saturday, October 9

Addressing the Psychometric Challenges of Dual-Mode Test Delivery (Session 8)

Pandemic-related closures of traditional testing centers have led many credentialing programs to consider alternative test delivery options. However, credentialing programs want to offer remote proctoring as an optional alternative to in-person testing rather than a complete replacement. This dual-mode delivery offers more flexibility to candidates but can present psychometric challenges.

During this session, psychometricians will provide their perspectives on frequently encountered apprehensions related to dual-mode delivery, including fairness of the testing experience (e.g., access, administration approaches, accommodations) security of exam content, control over the testing environment, and strategies for maintaining equivalence across delivery modes where candidate experiences and exam security levels vary.

Ideally, credentialing decisions should be consistent, regardless of the delivery mode a candidate chooses. Attendees will learn how practical policy adjustments can help to ensure consistent psychometric properties and how to critically evaluate delivery options through examples of policies that can help maintain the validity of credentialing decisions across delivery modes.

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The ABNS (American Board of Nursing Specialties) conferences, held semi-annual in early March and October at various locations throughout the country, allow members and participants to discuss issues of common interest related to specialty nursing certification. Each Assembly Meeting provides a variety of valuable networking opportunities and educational offerings designed to help attendees gain more knowledge about testing, assessment strategies and management of certification organizations.

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