The CertMetrics Affiliation Module solves the problem of messy open-ended responses to key affiliation data (e.g., employer, partner status, educational institution, and jurisdiction) collected by test delivery providers.  It gives testing organizations the power to standardize this data through managing candidate input selections and requiring frequent reviews/updates of candidate demographic data within CertMetrics.  Testing programs can then leverage this organized, standardized data in reports and downstream applications to further business profitability and meet organizational goals.


When the affiliation module is enabled, testing programs are able to manage key affiliation information available for selection by candidates when updating their demographics.  In addition, the system can require candidates to review and update their demographic data at regular time intervals established by the testing program to make sure information is kept current.  Programs are also able to establish rules to verify a valid affiliation email address.  In addition, the administrator can modify labels used to represent any affiliation field to reflect common terminology within the testing program.  Finally, CertMetrics affords the opportunity for programs to export a list of affiliations out of CertMetrics for review and reporting purposes. 

Interested in learning more about CertMetrics and the Affiliation Module?  Contact or, if you are a CertMetrics user, contact your Alpine Technical Program Manager for a tour of the CertMetrics Affiliation Module.