Over the years, Alpine has worked closely with various organizations to understand and determine their reporting requirements.  The ability to create, collaborate, and share reporting within an organization are just some of the most sought-after features that are now available through the CertMetrics™Advanced Reporting and Visualization Module.

In partnership with Qlik—a leading vendor in reporting and data visualization—Alpine embedded Qlik Sense® into CertMetrics™ and created the Advanced Reporting and Visualization Module. This module allows users to create custom reports and share them with team members. The Advanced Reporting and Visualization Module provides several other benefits:

  • control of which users have access to shared report collections
    • current standard report collections offered through the Advanced Reporting and Visualization Module include:
      • Affiliation Volumes (if the Affiliations Module is utilized)
      • Candidate Volumes
      • Credential Volumes
      • Exam Statistics and Psychometric Reporting
      • Exam Volumes
      • Requirement (if a program defines additional credential requirements)
    • access Alpine-created and maintained visualizations called Base Sheets within each report collection, which programs and users can duplicate to modify or enhance
    • access group data and content on any device from anywhere in the world
    • access bookmark and stories feature for quickly accessing and sharing report results

What users can see and do in the Advanced Reporting and Visualization Module depends on the license type provided by the organization’s system administrator:  Guided Analytics or Report Creator.   The Guided Analytics license is a ‘read-only’ option for members who do not need to generate ad-hoc reports but are crucial participants in making data-driven decisions for the program.  The Report Creator license is ideal for members who are responsible for a program’s data analytics.

All program data is stored in RAM, updated daily, and includes all candidate, test, and credential historical data (except for item-level data – which goes back 2 years).  These large data sets are rendered with incredible speed, and updates are made to users’ visualizations in real-time as they interact with their custom report or visualization.  Users can select data by interacting directly with visual elements and use the associative selection model provided by the Advanced Reporting module to help users immediately connect related data.

This dynamic, interactive analysis environment offers a couple of ways to capture different states of analysis.  One way is to use bookmarks so that the user can make selections easier to access later.  Additionally, programs can use the Story feature to create presentations built from a collection of snapshots and embedded sheets.  Story content is organized into slides, which can be annotated to highlight certain insights.

The CertMetrics™Advanced Reporting and Visualization Module provides endless reporting opportunities for an organization as a smarter analytics platform and helps users do what every program longs for – do more with data.