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Candidate Portal

The candidate portal provides exciting options for your entire candidate population to interact with your program—any time of the day or night—without contacting support or waiting for a response.  Within the portal, candidates can update their profile, complete applications, track their training and exam history, view their eligibility and upcoming scheduled exams, monitor their credential status, access features such as e-Certificates, logos and discount codes, and share their transcripts and digital badges.

Profile Management

Candidate profiles can be created in several ways with the CertMetrics Candidate Portal. For some programs, candidates create their own account by completing a custom registration application. For other programs, candidate profiles are created using information acquired from the testing center with no human interaction necessary. Some programs may integrate candidate profiles with their existing systems such as a learning or association management system. Once an account is created, program staff and the candidates have the ability to see or manage data to which they have been given access and update it accordingly.  This includes updating contact information, education, employment history, and other program-specific information. Programs can require candidates to review their profile on a regular basis as well as sign agreements to participate within the testing program.

Training and Exam History

The History page lists a candidate’s exam history and other certification requirements (e.g., training, courses, applications, signed agreements). Many programs also work with Alpine to design PDF score reports with applicable feedback on how the candidate performed on the exam. Score report templates allow for providing different feedback based on whether a candidate passed or failed the exam.

Candidates may also upload testing requirements needed to calculate eligibilities or determine credential status with the associated proof of completion. These uploaded items can either be auto approved or require approval before they count as a requirement. This page also provides the candidate with access to view the Exam Catalog and available exams.

Credential Status

The Credential Status page provides candidates with important information regarding the status of their credentials including any progress on earning, renewing, or re-activating their credentials. Candidates can also download available e-Certificates and logos and share their credentials through social media.

Behind the scenes, the Credentialing Engine within CertMetrics manages ‘credential logic’ for both earning and renewing a credential. The renewal process can contain its own logic independent of the initial logic requirements and can be made up of applications, training, attestations, agreements (code of ethics), documents, fees, exams, labs, miscellaneous requirements, and other credentials. An optional “suspended” status that provides a grace period after the credential expires is built into the system.

When a hierarchical order exists to multiple credentials—such as a beginner, intermediate, and advanced credential—linked logic updates the expiration date of lower-level credentials when a higher-level credential is earned or renewed. Linked logic works by updating the lower-level credential(s) expiration dates to match the higher-level credential expiration dates. Candidates only need to keep their highest-level credential active through the renewals.


CertMetrics provides powerful tools for candidates to promote their accomplishments and market your testing program through digital badging and transcripts.

The CertMetrics Badging Feature is an optional core feature that gives testing programs the ability to issue badges to candidates in recognition of a candidate’s accomplishments within a testing program. Common accomplishments for which a badge may be issued include earning a credential, passing an exam, completing program-specific milestones called achievements, or participating in program-sponsored events or training courses. Within CertMetrics, candidates can manage and share these badges to common social media sites (e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter), and display badges within an email signature. By clicking on a shared badge, third parties can verify candidate accomplishments including the criteria required to earn the badge and the period for which a badge is valid. Alpine follows the Open Badges standards for issuing and verifying badges. To learn more about these badging standards, visit

With transcripts, candidates can share some or all of their accomplishments at once by creating a custom transcript and emailing it, posting it online, or sharing it to social media sites. This provides a convenient way for candidates to share their accomplishments with employers, potential employers, membership organizations, and acquaintances.

Finally, CertMetrics integrates with fulfillment houses to send printed certificates, t-shirts, mugs, plaques, or any other item you wish to have mailed out.


Testing programs with multiple credentials need to keep candidates involved and actively progressing beyond just entry-level certifications. The benefits feature encourages and incentivizes candidates to move forward within the testing program by awarding benefits such as discount coupons or training/exam vouchers to candidates as they a credential.  This optional core feature also offers programs a unique opportunity to increase visibility for the program and its certifications through enabling certified candidates to purchase exclusive merchandise from a company or third-party store. Benefits are an easy way to market to an audience that is already familiar with the testing organization and encourage candidates to progress.


Increase candidate participation within your testing program by recognizing candidates who meet critical program milestones such as actively holding multiple credentials at the same time or keeping a credential active for minimum number of years such as a 5- or 10-year mark. The optional Standings feature allows you to recognize these candidates and even award them a special badge or benefit. By utilizing this feature and granting candidates a standing to celebrate their accomplishments, you can encourage candidates to stay active or achieve higher level credentials in your program. This feature allows candidates to promote their accomplishments and your testing program through sharing these accomplishments on their transcripts, through e-Certificates, or by posting their digital badges to social media.


CertMetrics keeps candidates informed of important events, testing-related information, and key dates through event-based emails and announcements.

Testing programs determine which event-based emails to enable and customize the text and content using plain text or HTML. Additionally, each email may be translated into any language for those candidates residing outside English-speaking countries. If a client requires additional event-based emails, those emails may be set up and customized during the implementation phase of the project. All emails sent to the candidate are tracked under the history, and recent emails may be resent to the candidate. Alpine currently sends all emails through its own webservers.

Within the CertMetrics candidate portal, programs can use the optional core news article feature, with announcements that can be created by client administrators based on many different filters including specific dates, exams passed/failed, earned credentials, and exam eligibility/enrollment. Using this functionality, programs have the ability to create announcements and display them to specific segments that a client wants to target within their testing population. Programs use announcements to provide exam-specific instruction regarding enrollment and testing, provide education to failed test takers, notify candidates of program changes, and for other marketing purposes.