Alpine’s modernized approach to technology seeks to provide a full suite of components that can be customized to automate Alpine’s high-quality psychometric workflows and couple those workflows with continual input and review from measurement experts.  The seamless touchpoints are designed to:

  • Support asynchronous and synchronous remote and in-person test design, blueprint and item development, exam publication, and maintenance
  • Provide real-time feedback to subject matter experts (SMEs) and program personnel
  • Make the most of SME and program personnel time
  • Allow for on-demand monitoring and reporting.

i-SFT (eye-sift)

The Item Screening and Feedback Tool (i-SFT) is the first intelligent endpoint within Alpine’s end-to-end offerings. This pioneering program automatically generates customized feedback on exam items based on Alpine’s psychometric standards and exam development best practices. In this streamlined item review process, programs can generate better items faster, more efficiently, and with increased consistency, including the application of client-specific branding and style requirements.  Additionally, i-SFT’s advanced reporting options help programs maximize continual or event-based item development efficacy and productivity, as well as provide point-in-time summaries about item bank health and development efforts output, quality, and opportunities for improvement at the item bank and/or SME level.

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