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Jeb Watson

Software Architect

Jeb has been a software engineer for the last 7 years and has extensive experience with C# and .NET. He's worked as a full-stack developer for both desktop and mobile applications. His career has revolved around defense contracting work supporting simulation work for the US Army and fire control applications for the US Marine Corp. Jeb is working to add web development to his skillset to complete the desktop/mobile/web triad in .NET.

Fun Facts

Jeb is a smarthome nerd. He's automated most of his home in some way, including lights, door locks, robot vacuums and lawnmowers, among other things. He loves driving, collecting, and working on cars. Jeb is a wine enthusiast who knows far too much about Italian grape varieties and wine making processes, and he has four cats.

What's on my playlist?

  • Tool
  • Metallica
  • Rise Against
  • Eminem
  • Jay-Z